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SureBridge is committed to simplifying the insurance experience as much as possible for you and your clients.

20 Ways to Make Selling Over the Phone Easier

Technology continues to change how people communicate and live. Phone sales aren’t for every agent, but those who embrace the telephone …

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Grow Your Income Potential

SureBridge proprietary Smart eApp technology and our point-of-sale tool help make cross-selling easy and efficient.


How to Retain Clients and Sell Through Times of Uncertainty

In our rapidly changing world, the need for insurance has suddenly grown even more. There were nearly 28 million uninsured individuals in the …

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Efficient Sales Process

SureBridge offers online tools to create a more simple and time-efficient process for agents at the point-of-sale


Flexible Plans

Multiple benefit levels and optional riders complement existing health plans and make the plans very affordable for your customers.


An AEP Like Never Before

As we all prepare for the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), now is a great time to consider how this year’s AEP could be radically different from years past.

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Producer Support Hotline

Personal assistance with a range of questions including licensing, commissions, application status, plans, and more.

(888) 797-4447
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, (all time zones)


Producer Portal

The information you need, all found in one convenient location.

  • Sales Materials
  • Underwriting and Business Rules Guides
  • Quoting and e-Application links for supplemental insurance products
  • Book of Business reports (monitor supplemental insurance applications and policy status)
  • Additional appointment requests
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Service My Customer

Our online tool allows you to make common changes and requests on behalf of your customers to help you increase sales, retention, and customer satisfaction:

  • Change Mailing Address or Phone Number
  • Request Duplicate Policy Print
  • Cancel a Supplemental Policy
  • Request a Dental ID Card or search for a Dental Provider
  • Request a Vision ID Card or search for a Vision Provider
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Quick Quote

Need to create a quote on the fly? Use our Quick Quote tool to help you get prospects the information they need, when they need it.

Quick Quote

Haven't started writing SureBridge yet? We can help you get started!

Whether you are a new agent who just signed up with us or a new-ish agent who signed up a little while ago and just hasn’t had time to learn another new carrier, we can help you get started!

Join Sr. Sales Director Christin Unruh-Thomas on Tuesday, October 6th at 11:00 a.m. CST as she walks through everything an agent needs to know to get off to a quick start with SureBridge!

Christin will be covering:

  • What to Expect – steps to complete to become Ready To Sell
  • Navigating the Agent Portal – Features and Instructions
  • The Point of Sale Tool – Building Quotes & Submitting Apps

Top-Selling Product Overview

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