Are You Ready for 2021?

December 4, 2020 Agent Resources

The past 11 months have been a roller coaster. It presented both obstacles and opportunities as agents transition from traditional face-to-face meetings to “virtual” selling. Whether you fell short of your goals in 2020 or had a successful year, now is a good time to reflect on the past and build for the future. After all, next year will be here before you know it. Here are three exercises to get you started!


What are three things you are proud of from 2020? Sometimes, we focus on day-to-day problems and lose sight of the bigger picture. Acknowledging your accomplishments reminds you of your purpose and reinforces the work you are doing.

What are three things you could have done better? Be honest with yourself. I am a believer in self-evaluations and identifying areas of improvement. Do not dwell on mistakes, but learn from them.

Know Your Business

Do you know what your typical client looks like? How about your best client? Evaluate your current book of business and identify your typical and best clients. Write down their ages, occupations, family dynamics, what they bought, why they bought it, and where they live. Basically, write out everything you know about them. The more you know about the people who bought from you, the easier it is to find more people like them.

Do you want to make more money? Calculate your average commission per client. In order to make more money throughout the year, you need to sell to more clients. Or, you can cross sell to clients with additional needs. Knowing your average commission per client helps you determine how many new clients you need to reach your income goals.

Plan for the Year

I create a business plan every year. It’s a lot of work, and sometimes I forget about it in a month. Here are four tips for creating a business plan you will actually use throughout the year.

  1. Keep it to one page.
  2. Only focus on two or three important goals.
  3. Write down the steps to achieve those goals.
  4. Schedule a time every week to review.
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