Critical Illness Direct

Cash benefits paid directly to you, to help with expenses while you recover


A critical illness can strike suddenly and disrupt your daily life in ways that are both physical and financial. While it is important to have health insurance to cover the cost of your medical care, it is equally important to have coverage that can help you cover normal living expenses as well as other unexpected costs in the event of a critical illness. It may surprise you to learn that a heart attack occurs every 34 seconds and strokes are the leading cause of serious long-term disability in America.*

Our Critical Illness Direct supplemental insurance plan is simple. It pays a lump-sum cash benefit directly to you in the event of a wide range of critical illnesses, providing you with additional financial support in a variety of circumstances. These additional financial resources can be used for anything you choose. It’s your money, your decision. 

Cash Benefits Can Be Used For

  • Copays or Coinsurances
  • Rent or Mortgage
  • Car Payments
  • Child Care
  • Everyday Living Expenses

How Does Critical Illness Direct Work?

  • Step 1: A critical illness can strike suddenly and disrupt your life.

    Your focus should be on treatment and recovery, not your finances. Critical Illness Direct can help.

  • Step 2: Submit your claim.

    Easily check the status of your claim online 24/7.

  • Step 3: Receive your cash.

    It’s your money, you decide how to use it.

Questions about Critical Illness Direct

Are there any restrictions on how I use the money?

No, you can use the money however you choose. It’s your money, your decision.

Can I receive money for a pre-existing illness or condition?

No. SureBridge will only cover illness first diagnosed after the policy effective date.

Does my money have to be used to pay for medical expenses?

No. You can use the money to pay for anything you choose, from medical deductibles to groceries to mortgage payments. It’s your money, your decision.

Does this plan depend on my employment?

No, as long as you make the monthly premium payment, this plan is not dependent on your employment status.

How do I receive the money?

If you have a covered accident or illness, you file a claim with SureBridge’s underwriting company, The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company. Once the claim is reviewed and approved, a benefit check will be mailed directly to you.

How is supplemental insurance different than medical insurance?

When you are injured or sick, your medical insurance pays your doctors and hospitals; supplemental insurance is designed to pay you. The cash benefit you receive from your supplemental insurance plan can be used for anything you choose, including expenses health insurance won’t pay for, such as deductibles, offsetting a loss of income during your hospital stay, family travel expenses, or to help with everyday living expenses.

Is supplemental insurance expensive?

SureBridge plans provide customizable protection for you and your family to fit any budget. Our policies are designed to fit your budget and fill the gaps to help protect your financial security. Get a quote to find out just how affordable adding supplemental insurance protection can be.

Who can I speak with to find out more information?

Call (866) 876-8756 Monday – Friday from 8:00 am through 7:00 pm for more information on SureBridge products.

Why do I need a supplemental insurance if I already have health insurance?

SureBridge supplemental insurance complements your medical insurance, but instead of paying your doctors and providers, SureBridge pays you.

Why do I need supplemental insurance from SureBridge if I already have medical insurance?

Medical insurance is very important but it is only part of the protection you need. You also need coverage to help fill financial gaps such as out-of-pocket medical expenses and other daily living expenses. Supplemental insurance pays you a cash benefit directly to you to help fill financial gaps.

Will I receive money if my family members are diagnosed with a critical illness?

You will receive the pre-determined amount for any family members covered by the policy.

The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company brand is transitioning from SureBridge to UnitedHealthcare. The current brand will display based on each product.
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