Life Insurance

Help provide for your loved ones in the event of your death, serious accident or critical illness.

It’s fast and easy to apply!


Did You Know?

35% of all households would feel adverse financial impacts within one month if a primary wage earner died. A life insurance plan can provide your loved ones financial security in the event of your death, serious accident or critical illness. And you’ll appreciate our simple application process where you aren’t required to have a physical exam to qualify for coverage.

It’s also probably less expensive than you realize. According to a recent survey, many consumers overestimate the cost of life insurance by as much as five times the actual amount.

Cash Benefits Can Help With

  • Funeral Costs
  • Medical Bills
  • Mortgage and Bills
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Education

How Does Life Insurance Work?

A death certificate is obtained.

Benefits may also be available for terminal illness.

A claim is submitted.

Easily check the status of your claim online 24/7.

Your beneficiary receives the benefit.

Help eliminate the financial worry that often accompanies this stressful time.

Choose the Plan that Best Fits Your Needs and Budget


    Because life is complicated enough, our term plans do not require a physical exam to qualify for coverage. After answering a few yes/no questions, policies are typically issued to qualified applicants within days.

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    Our affordable final expense policy pays your beneficiary a lump-sum cash benefit that they may use in any way needed.

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Let Us Help You Get the Coverage You Need

Combining supplemental insurance from SureBridge with a health insurance plan can provide an extra layer of financial protection to help you feel more comfortable with your insurance coverage.

Have Questions?

Still have questions about supplemental coverage? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.