Simplified Issue Term Life Insurance

Help provide your loved ones financial security, even when you can’t



Get a life insurance plan that can provide your loved ones financial security in the event of your death, serious accident or critical illness.

  • Our plan can provide a lump-sum payment to your beneficiaries to be used for expenses as needed.
  • You can access 50% of your plan’s benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal condition.
  • Critical Condition Rider is also available.

Because our plan is simplified issue life insurance, you aren’t required to have a physical exam to qualify for coverage.  After answering a few yes/no questions reviewed in our underwriting process, policies are typically issued for qualified applicants within days.

Cash Benefits Can Help With*

  • Funeral costs
  • Income replacement
  • Mortgage payments
  • Daily living expenses
  • Education

How Does Simplified Issue Term Life Insurance Work?

  • Help protect your family’s financial future in the event of your death.

    A surprisingly simple, convenient way to get the life insurance protection your family may need.

  • Cash benefit paid to your beneficiary.

    Help provide your loved ones financial security, even when you can’t.

Questions about Simplified Issue Term Life Insurance

At what age can I still qualify for this coverage?

We offer two broad ranges for issue age: 25-65 years old for 10-year term life and 25-55 years old for 20-year term life. However, you can renew your policy each year after the initial term period, up to age 95.

How may the money be used?

Your beneficiary can use the money for whatever they need, including paying bills, family travel or any other expenses.

Is it difficult to apply and qualify for Simplified Issue Term Life Insurance?

SureBridge makes it simple. We offer an easy application process, and there is no medical exam. You only need to answer a few health questions with your agent.

Is life insurance expensive?

It’s probably less expensive than you realize. According to a recent survey, many consumers overestimate the cost of life insurance by as much as five times the actual amount.

What is Term life insurance?

This type of insurance policy offers many affordable coverage options and can provide your loved ones with future financial security. Term life plans offer fixed premiums and a set death benefit for the full 10- or 20-year term of the policy. We also pay 50% of the policy’s death benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal medical condition.

Who can I speak with to find out more information?

Call (866) 876-8756 Monday – Friday from 8:00 am through 7:00 pm for more information on SureBridge products.

Who is allowed to receive my policy benefits?

It’s your choice. Your beneficiary can be a spouse, other family member, friend or even your favorite charity.

Why do I need supplemental insurance from SureBridge if I already have medical insurance?

Medical insurance is very important but it is only part of the protection you need. You also need coverage to help fill financial gaps such as out-of-pocket medical expenses and other daily living expenses. Supplemental insurance pays you a cash benefit directly to you to help fill financial gaps.

Have Questions?

Still have questions about supplemental coverage? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.


Let Us Help You Get the Coverage You Need

Combining supplemental insurance from SureBridge with a health insurance plan can provide an extra layer of financial protection to help you feel more comfortable with your insurance coverage.