Illness Insurance for Seniors

Cash benefits paid directly to you so you can focus on treatment and recovery, not expenses.

It’s fast and easy to apply!


Did You Know?

Serious illness takes more than a physical toll, it can impact your finances as well.

SureBridge critical illness insurance plans can help. These plans complement your existing Medicare or other major medical coverage and pay cash benefits directly to you in the event you are diagnosed with a critical illness or suffer a heart attack, stroke or other covered condition.

It’s your money, how you use it is up to you. The money can be used to pay unexpected medical costs or everyday living expenses so you can focus on treatment and recovery, not your finances.

Cash Benefits Can Be Used For

  • Copays or Coinsurances
  • Rent or Mortgage
  • Car Payments
  • Everyday Living Expenses

How Does Critical Illness Insurance For Seniors Work?

A diagnosis is made.

Get an extra layer of financial protection to help with unexpected costs.

Submit your claim.

Easily check the status of your claim online 24/7.

Receive your cash.

It’s your money, you decide how to use it.

Choose the Plan that Best Fits Your Needs and Budget


    Pays a one-time lump sum cash benefit directly to you after the waiting period upon the first diagnosis of a cancer. These additional financial resources can help you focus on treatment and recovery, not on your finances.

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    Pays a cash benefit directly to you for each day you are hospitalized due to a wide range of different illnesses, accidents or injuries — even if benefits are also paid under Workers’ Compensation.

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    Provides a lump-sum cash benefit directly to you to help cover the costs associated with an unexpected heart attack, stroke or other heart-related surgery.

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